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International Activity

           The Institute of Chemistry collaborates with various teams from abroad:

  • „Politehnica”University, Bucharest, Romania; Institute ECOIND, Bucharest, Romania;
  • „A. I. Cuza” University, Iasi, Romania;
  • „Gh. Asachi” University, Iasi, Romania;
  • Institute of Colloidal Chemistry and Water Chemistry of the NAS of Ukraine;
  • Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the AS of Russia;
  • The Association of science and production „Neorganica” from the city of Electrostali, Moscow region, Russia;
  • National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest, Romania;
  • Chemistry Faculty of „A. Mickiewicz” University, Poznań, Poland;
  • Institute of Physical Chemistry, the AS of Poland;
  • Institute of Technical Physics, Kazani, Russia;
  • „G. Murgulescu” Institute of Physical Chemistry of the AS of Romania, Bucharest, Romania;
  • “P. Poni” Institute of Macromolecular Chemistryof the AS of Romania, Iasi;
  • „C. D. Neniţescu” Institute of Organic Chemistry of the AS of Romania, Bucharest;
  • Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Minsk, Belarus;
  • Agrarian University from Vageningen, Holland;
  • Centre for Marine Sciences (CMS), University of North Carolina at Wilmington, USA;
  • Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Texas at Austin, USA;
  • Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain;
  • Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry, CNR, Pozzuoli (Na), Italy;
  • “A. Pawin” Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa, Poland;
  • University of Leipzig, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Leipzig, Germany;
  • Laboratory of synthesis and study of systems of biological interest and Laboratory of molecular and macromolecular photochemistry, University Blaise Pascal, Aubiere Cedex, France; 
  • Laboratorio di Chimica Bioorgabica Universita degli Studi di Trento, Italy;
  • Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia;
  • Institute of Technical Chemistry, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Perm, Russia;
  • Ryazan State Pedagogical University. „S.A. Esenin”, Russia;
  • Institute of Organoelement Compounds „N.  Nesmeyanov”,  Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • State Technological University, St. Petersburg, Russia.